Central Oregon Real Estate Agent – Learn The Right Way To Promote Your Business Online

central oregon real estate agent

As we approach 2014 most Central Oregon Real Estate Agents are sadly not promoting themselves on the Internet, or they are using the Internet incorrectly for promotion, and whenever someone is planning on buying or selling a home in the Central Oregon area searches for a Realtor, or a Central Oregon Home For Sale, that Oregon Real Estate Agent will not be found.

Marketing the Right Way

The key to success with online marketing for Central Oregon Real Estate Agents is for the Realtor to be everywhere in Bend Oregon or where their potential audience is online. This includes: social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and also business networking websites like LinkedIn as well not to mention well-known Realtor websites like: Trulia, Zillow and ActiveRain.

How should an Oregon Realtor stay in front of their potential clients? The answer to this question is content. The Realtor should be writing one original blog post per day on any relevant Real Estate topic and then “syndicate” the link to that blog post to their various profiles across the Internet so they can stay in front of their clients and build Top of the Mind Awareness (TOMA) whenever one of their social media friends, followers, contacts is thinking about buying or selling a home in Central Oregon.

Marketing the Wrong Way

Yes content creation and social media marketing may seem easy but these should not be reasons for Central Oregon Real Estate agents to relax when it comes to their Internet Marketing Plan and make the following mistakes:

  • Posting Infrequently
  • Posting rants or mundane information to their social media accounts (Example: What you had for dinner last night, who you don’t like politically, how you are feeling, etc)
  • Joining groups or posting pictures that can be potentially embarrassing. If you are going to do personal stuff online you should have separate accounts for business and personal.
  • Posting negative comments in a conversation thread. These comments will get read by your friends or followers so never post anything that you don’t want read by your business clients.

Confused about your online marketing strategy? Want to learn more about how I make online marketing simple for Central Oregon Real Estate Agents? Contact me today by calling (541) 604-1777 or email me anytime by clicking here. 


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