Learn Facebook Marketing For Your Bend Oregon Business With FB Krusher

FB Krusher

Facebook marketing is one of the hardest forms of marketing on the Internet if you don’t know how to do it right but thankfully you can master Facebook and market your Bend Oregon Business with FB Krusher

One wrong step with marketing on Facebook and you can ruin your online reputation and even get your account banned permanently.

If you’re interested in learning how to successfully get started with Facebook marketing you should purchase FB Krusher; this course is the only course online that will teach you how to successfully promote any business or product correctly on Facebook.

What Will You Learn?

With FB Krusher you will learn how to marketing your Bend Oregon Business on Facebook and do the following:

  • How to: Connect with friends who will become buyers.
  • How to: Post and stay connected with your friends on a daily basis.
  • How to: Add at least 30 friends or more per day without getting banned from Facebook.
  • How to: Use Facebook groups for promotion.

Facebook Marketing

Avoid Facebook Marketing Mistakes

I personally have made just about every mistake there is to make with marketing on Facebook, including getting my own account banned, thankfully FB Krusher’s training helped me to eliminate many of the things that I was doing wrong and get on the right track with my Facebook marketing so I can successfully use it to promote any product, service or solution online.

Become a Facebook Marketing Pro

Facebook is vital for any business or marketer who wants to successfully promote products and services on the Internet.

FB Krusher will teach you how to successfully market on Facebook and overcome any problems that you may have experienced in the past with the Internet’s most popular website for connecting with people from around the world.

If you’ve seen plenty of Facebook posts where people tell you how easy it is to make thousands just by marketing on Facebook alone, FB Krusher is the course that you need to take your physical or online business to the next level and realize the awesome benefits that only Facebook marketing can offer you.

To get started with FB Krusher and market your Bend Oregon Business on Facebook like the pros do click here


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Central Oregon Real Estate Agent – Learn The Right Way To Promote Your Business Online

central oregon real estate agent

As we approach 2014 most Central Oregon Real Estate Agents are sadly not promoting themselves on the Internet, or they are using the Internet incorrectly for promotion, and whenever someone is planning on buying or selling a home in the Central Oregon area searches for a Realtor, or a Central Oregon Home For Sale, that Oregon Real Estate Agent will not be found.

Marketing the Right Way

The key to success with online marketing for Central Oregon Real Estate Agents is for the Realtor to be everywhere in Bend Oregon or where their potential audience is online. This includes: social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and also business networking websites like LinkedIn as well not to mention well-known Realtor websites like: Trulia, Zillow and ActiveRain.

How should an Oregon Realtor stay in front of their potential clients? The answer to this question is content. The Realtor should be writing one original blog post per day on any relevant Real Estate topic and then “syndicate” the link to that blog post to their various profiles across the Internet so they can stay in front of their clients and build Top of the Mind Awareness (TOMA) whenever one of their social media friends, followers, contacts is thinking about buying or selling a home in Central Oregon.

Marketing the Wrong Way

Yes content creation and social media marketing may seem easy but these should not be reasons for Central Oregon Real Estate agents to relax when it comes to their Internet Marketing Plan and make the following mistakes:

  • Posting Infrequently
  • Posting rants or mundane information to their social media accounts (Example: What you had for dinner last night, who you don’t like politically, how you are feeling, etc)
  • Joining groups or posting pictures that can be potentially embarrassing. If you are going to do personal stuff online you should have separate accounts for business and personal.
  • Posting negative comments in a conversation thread. These comments will get read by your friends or followers so never post anything that you don’t want read by your business clients.

Confused about your online marketing strategy? Want to learn more about how I make online marketing simple for Central Oregon Real Estate Agents? Contact me today by calling (541) 604-1777 or email me anytime by clicking here. 

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Keep your Central Oregon business thriving during the winter months

With the weather cooling down, Central Oregon business owners know that winter is around the corner and when the winter months arrive, life will a bit harder for business owners because, bad weather can keep people at home instead of spending money in the local shops or restaurants of Central Oregon.

With bad weather comes challenges like loss of electricity, internet, natural gas and even damages to a home or office that can keep a business owner out of work for much longer. When these challenges arise many business owners face financial setbacks that can slow down and finish any business before it really begins; thanks to the technology and resources that many business owners have in their office or home, winter weather doesn’t have to be the end of a business. The average business owner can keep their business going and thriving even when they are not working.


In today’s world many businesses from large corporations to small “mom and pop” Central Oregon stores have websites or blogs to promote their businesses online.

The average business website in this day and age receives 100 visitors or more per day on average but, sadly, they are not doing more to make money off that traffic. Some of the best ways to make money off of website traffic are:

1. Banner Advertising – Running advertisements on a website for other products and services.

2. Affiliate promotions – Promoting other products and services on a website. Typical affiliate promotions pay 40% commission or better on sales that come from an affiliate’s website.

3. Branding opportunities – Selling prime space on a website to companies that want to take advantage of a niche audience.

4. Google Adsense – One of the easiest ways to make money online. Adsense pays an advertiser money every time some clicks on one of their ads that are running on the advertiser website.

All of these income opportunities will allow any business owner to earn income off their website traffic without them having to doing anything. All that’s really necessary is setting up each opportunity and then wait for money to start coming in from these promotions.


Any website owner who has a website that receives over 100 visitors per day should start an email list by joining a service like Aweber and then placing that opt in form somewhere on their website. Once their email list begins to develop they can begin promoting special offers to their subscribers.

Some examples of special offers are:

·  Subscriber only discounts for special prices on the company’s products or services.

·  Affiliate promotions for products or services that are similar to what the company offers.

Think outside the box

Home improvement – If a business owner has a home improvement business they should be promoting affiliate offers for ebooks that solve common household problems or discounts on services that other companies in the community may be offering to home owners.

Health and Wellness – For health and wellness businesses this niche is simple, the focus should be on promoting other health and wellness produces. The point here is that every company who has an email list should be promoting products and services in their e-newsletter that their customers would want to buy.

The great thing about setting up income opportunities on a website and running an e-newsletter campaign is that once these opportunities are set up, a Central Oregon business owners can focus on their core businesses and not worry about the business making money during the days when bad weather will keep many people indoors.

For more information on how to make keep your business making money during the winter months, contact Central Oregon Internet Marketing Expert: Jeremy Raglin today for a free consultation at (503) 470-6055.

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