Central Oregon Online Content Creation

As an experienced online content writer I know how tough it is to maintain a blog and in many cases it’s easier to give up on adding new content to a blog before you begin. 

If you haven’t added recent content to your blog, but would like to keep your blog going, because you recognize it’s value as a selling tool to your prospective customers, I encourage you to give me a call. 

Monthly Subscription Service

I offer a monthly subscription service where I will write one blog post per day for your blog then upload it to your blog. Besides writing one new piece of content per day for your blog I also will do the following for each new piece of content that I write for you:

* Submit it to online RSS readers

* Social bookmark it

* Create five back links to it

Price – $350.00 per month

* To get started with my monthly subscription content writing service please call or email me at jeremy.raglin@gmail.com

Individual Articles 

Besides my monthly subscription writing service I also can write one-at-a-time articles for you on an as needed basis. Here are my article rates:

$25 for 300 words

$40 for 550 words

$65 for 850 words

* For anything over 850 words please contact me at (541) 604-1777 so we can discuss your project.


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